“In her paintings, Xinman explores the intersection of Western art and Asian culture, using ​contemporary styles and techniques to express modern Chinese themes. For Western viewers, her painting is in the style of or influenced by the French Impressionist painter Henri Matisse. But for me, I can also see some cultural elements of the Yunnan School of Heavy Color Painting which was started more than 30 years ago when a group artists working in Yunnan to celebrate the customs and lives of the ethnic minorities who inhabit China's subtropical southwestern province of Yunnan. The ceaseless efforts of this group artists’ artistic exploration soon gave rise to an entire school of painting which came to be known as the Yunnan School of Painting. Since then the Yunnan School of Painting has gained critical international acclaim and established itself firmly in the Chinese art history. Its stylistic vocabulary and topical themes are characterized by uniformity in line work, bold usage of colors, a love for overlapping geometric design, a daring combination of both traditional Chinese form and Western abstract art, depicting subjects that centered on the indigenous ethnic people, culture and myths of the Yunnan province.".

Dr. Ian Wang,

Curator of the Spurlock Museum of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Membership Association


  • China's Design Association 
  • China's Art  Association of Yunnan 
  • New York Artist Equity Association
  • National Women’s Caucus for Art 
  • California Art Club​