Showes & Exhibitions

“Drowning in Love” Series Oil Paintings Group Show

Montserrat Gallery, New York, USA Dec ember 17th-30th, 2018  

“American Girl” THE NEO REALISM Western Influence on Eastern Art 1968-2018 Chicago, Illinois, USA  September 4th -29th, 2018 

Body Story Series #1 & #3 on Aesthetics, Design, Inspiration in association with well-known artists of Kunming Exhibition Kunming, China 2018.

"Colorful American Cupcake" on Architectures of Identities, Venice at palazzo cazamardo Venice, Italy May 3rd - 20th 2018.

"I am Bing" Anima Mundi Its Liquid International Art Festival Venice, Italy  2017

"Body Story Series #7 & #9 - ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE. AIR. WATER. EARTH - Jorge Jurado Gallery - Bogota, Columbia - 2017

"Drowning in Love" #1 oil painting "Best of the Best" Art Impact USA's Second Annual Juried Art Exhibition, Washington DC, USA - 2017

"Life & Death Series" oil painting as "Next Generation" exhibition finalist at Art Above the Sofa Gallery - New York, NY, USA - 2017

"Expecting" oil painting San Francisco MoMA, CA, USA  - 2017

"Thinking about the past" oil painting San Francisco MoMA, San Francisco, CA, USA - 2017

"Seeking Roots" oil painting Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY, USA - 2017

"Artist Studio" oil painting Ohlone College Gallery, Ohlone, California, USA - 2017

“Self Portrait” oil painting Women’s Caucus for Art Exhibition, Washington DC - 2016

Exhibition on “Death & Life” Oil Painting American Asian Cultural Center @ University Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA - 2016

Exhibition on “Death & Life“ Oil Painting Gallery Ryuarden Norway - 2016

Exhibited at Life & Color Exhibition of Contemporary Art, invited by the Spurlock Museum at University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, USA 2013

Franklin New Work Exhibition @ The Khan Gallery of New York, USA - 2013

Exhibition on "Speak Out" China's cultural revolution of Modern Art, University Illinois YMCA, Champaign Illinois, USA - 2013

"Ovis" Under Sunshine" (oil painting), 3rd place China National Higher Education Art Exhibition Beijing, China - 2012

Exhibition of oil painting “Their Tassel” at Yunnan Province Nationality Museum, Kunming, China 2011

Silver Medalist winner at National Teacher Painting Competition, “Road,” Beijing, China 2010

Exhibition of oil on canvas “Camellia," "Lily," and "Calla Lily" nominated at the China National Young Artist Exhibition, Beijing, China 2010

Exhibition of oil paintings “Body Chant” series published, China 2001-2010

Exhibition of oil paintings “Rose Blossom” and water color “Afternoon Flowers” at the Peoples Republic of China 60th Anniversary Fine Art Exhibition, Kunming, China 2009